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TLS currently operates language schools that offer Thai language lessons in both Japan and Thailand. We publish many books on Thai language and sell them throughout Japan and Thailand. Our school analyze the approach of teaching Thai language, and endeavor to enhance the teaching of the Thai language.Ourschool offer a full range of Thai language classes in the Thai language for beginners, Thai language for intermediate and Thai language for the advanced students.Our lesson Covering speaking, reading and writing Thai language.

TLS Language School is currently running a promotion on Thai private and group lessons. TLS has a branch at the Sala Deang BTS station, and is open from 9am-9pm Monday through Friday and 9am-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday. TLS has another branch a short walk away from the Phrom Phong BTS Station on Soi 33/1 near numerous restaurants and pubs. TLS’s Sri Racha branch is located next to Robinson Sri Racha, and can send instructors to any location in Chonburi Province.



Thai lessons from TLS Thai language school Bangkok provide a perfect opportunity to really get to know
Thai language Suhyeon from Korea


The Thai teachers have a lot of experience, they also kind and polite TLS Thai language school Bangkok is a very friendly
school Anny from England

TLS Thai language school Bangkok has received a letter of recommendation from the Deputy Minister of Education, and was appointed as an accreditation school by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.
The TLS Thai language school have over 10 years experience in the teaching of Thai language, with our students preferring the original TLS Thai languagage school published textbooks as a learning aid.


Thai language history

Established in mid-thirteenth century, the first kingdom of Thailandhad been used Thai speaking language which effects from Tai-Kadai and the southern Chinese.
In Thailand, Thai writing system has found since 1826 A.D or 1283 B.C,is adapted from Tai-Kadai, Mon, Khmer, Bali and Sanskrit language but invented by King Ramkhamhaeng in Sukhothai period. It is stated thatthe Sukhothai script was used until 1357 B.C .Then, the King Li Thai adapted the new script, ”King Li  Thai script” , based on Sukhothailetters, and used it instead of the first script. In Ayudhya kingdom, The King Li Thai script had been used until King Narai period. Duringthe King Narai reign, the script had been developed and brought in use until now.


However, there are considerably differences between Thai language fromthe beginning and the modern period especially the writing system. Generally, we use Thai language as an official language of Thailand.In the present script, there are forty-four consonants and thirty-twobasic vowels. In practice, some of them are not in use at the moment. It is more likely like Chinese language because of the tones which areconsisted of 5 tones; mid, low, falling, high and rising tone.However, there are four major dialects which are consist of northern,southern, northeastern and central language. The central Thai is used by the most people of Thailand especially within the middle region including Bangkok.


Why did you start learning Thai language?
Is it because of traveling to Thailand?
Is it because it is necessary in your business?
Is it because your lover or significant other is Thai?
Our Thai language school's method of teaching is efficient and flexible to suit each purpose and individual need.

The TLS Thai language school study method is our school's unique offering.
A product of accumulated experience of knowledge gained from the school's 15 years of operation (as of 2010).
The method of delivery is practice and evaluation based on actual scenarios.

Even if you cannot speak Thai at all, if you concentrate on what the teacher instructs and practices frequently, you will be able to speak Thai fluently by the end our course/program.
However, even though our contents are easy to understand in learning Thai language since we offer you our efficient techniques of instructions; as with other language, it takes time and effort to learn. 
Therefore students who study conscientiously are rewarded. However to assist in this endeavor, are our Thai language school efficient techniques of instruction.
The TLS language school has private lesson,and group Thai language lesson.
Our Thai language school also offers short Thai language courses from just a few lessons up to 15 lessons.Enjoy learning  Thai language with TLS Thai language school Bangkok!

For another language lessons

・Private Japanese lessons  ・Private Chinese lessons

"The initial cost for attending Thai language courses are expensive, right? "
"I am worried what should I do if I cannot finish lessons "
"Can I easily change my studying schedule?"

We offer various courses for students who would like to take Thai class.
Our Thai language lessons cost are reasonable and flexible.

An experienced native Thai teacher teaches each lesson.
We are sure you will be more than satisfied with our style of teaching.
Please let us know what kind of lessons you are interested in.
We will help you find the course that fits your needs.

Even a beginner at Thai won’t have problems when first start studying at our school.
In fact, Most of the students here starts to learn Thai for the first time.

Please contact us if any questions occurs in regard to private Thai lessons , group Thai lessons, office Thai language lessons ,home Thai language lessons, etc.

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TLS Silom
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Thaniya buildling 11F ( BTS saladaeng station exit 1)

TLS Sriracha
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45 Sriracha Nakon soi 4 (3minute from robinson sriracha)

TLS Phromphong
TEL 0-2662-2584 Email
595/15 sukhumvit soi 33/1(BTS Phromphong station exit5)

TLS Thong Lo
Tel: 02-714-2229
1013 Sukhumvit Road, Klongton-nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

TLS Pattaya
Tel: 033-084-422
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